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    Symptoms of Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes

    Every kind of car will have its quirks and shortcomings. Unfortunately for Mercedes, issues with the gear selector is a commonly-reported problem. When owning a Mercedes, you expect high-performance from the engine, safety from the frame, and excitement from its technology when behind the wheel. However, when there is a gear selector issue, all of […]

    Detecting Head Gasket Leaks in Your Land Rover

    Land Rovers are durable vehicles meant for adventure and off-roading. However, no vehicle is infallible, and even a sturdy Land Rover can take on dents, leaks, and other forms of wear and tear. One problem that can be especially damaging to a Land Rover is a leak in the head gasket. Because this issue can […]

    How to Deal With Oil Leaks From the Rear Main Seal of a Porsche

    Porsche might be one of the most well-known sports cars in the world, but one of the more common problems for a Porsche owner to experience is an oil leak. This may sound like a no-brainer problem with an easy solution, but many drivers wait to take their car in for repairs because they aren’t […]

    Reasons Behind Gear Selector Issues in Your Mercedes

    You love your Mercedes-Benz. It is one of your prized possessions, so you want to keep your car running at a high-quality performance rate. Because of how much you love and care for your car, it can be incredibly frustrating when something goes wrong. The Mercedes brand is reliable, efficient, and modern. When transmission issues […]

    Ways To Fix Acceleration Stumble in Your MINI

    Acceleration stumbling can be a frightening phenomenon to experience in your usually-punchy and corner-hugging MINI. This problem can cause engine damage and lead to an increased rate of engine misfires. It is important to know how to recognize acceleration stumbles to avoid further damage and to keep you safe behind the wheel of your versatile […]

    Where to Fix Your Audi’s Erratic Lights in Los Angeles

    Audis have proven time and again that they are leaders in their class. They are constantly performing above and beyond the standards that are set before them. One thing that the Audi vehicles are known for is their LED headlights and tail lights. This sleek style of lighting is matched on the interior dashboard as […]