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    When to Replace the Oxygen Sensor of your Audi

    Your oxygen sensor is an important part of your Audi. When it is working well, the fuel and air mixture will be in the correct ratio, helping your car start at the right time and ensuring that your engine continuously runs smoothly. When the ratio is too lean or too rich, meaning there is too […]

    Common Maintenance Procedures for Your Maybach

    As part of the Mercedes family, Maybach vehicles are known for being luxury vehicles with highly-rated comfort, performance, and technology. In order to maintain your Maybach’s sophisticated features, it is important to have your vehicle regularly serviced and maintenanced as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Important Maintenance Procedures You Should Schedule It is important to […]

    How to Fix Oil Pan Gasket Leaks in Your Jaguar in Los Angeles

    Oil is incredibly important to many different moving parts of your vehicle. Without enough oil circulating in your engine and working parts, your car can overheat, which can cause major engine damage. One major problem that can happen with the oil in your car is that the oil pan gasket, or the part that keeps […]

    Causes Behind the Classic Flex Disc Failure in Your Mercedes

    The Mercedes Benz is distinguishable by its trademark: the three star symbol. This symbol represents air, land, and sea. However, your Mercedes is also known for its optimal driving experience, luxury design, amazing selection and world class performance. Even these high-end automobiles suffer from the occasional mechanical or engineering breakdown. No vehicle is immune to […]

    Warning Signs of Clutch Failure in Your Mini

    In your Mini, the clutch is one of the most important mechanical components of the vehicle. In order to understand why clutch failure happens, you must first learn the importance of the clutch. The clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the powertrain or transmission between rotating shafts. The clutch is usually located […]

    Ways to Deal with Transmission Valve Failure in Porsche

    Underneath the hood of your Porsche are many different moving parts that are all working in unison to give you the performance that likely caused you to get a Porsche in the first place. Regular maintenance helps ensure that all of these parts continue to work as they should for as long as possible, but […]

    When Should You Replace the Camshaft Seal of Your Volkswagen

    Volkswagen is known for manufacturing dependable and practical vehicles that are comfortable and reliable for anything from quick trips to the store to cross-country road trips. They’ve come a long way over the years but still need maintenance to keep up to the standard you expect. A worn-out camshaft seal is a potential problem with […]