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MINI Repair

Warning Signs of Clutch Failure in Your Mini

In your Mini, the clutch is one of the most important mechanical components of the vehicle. In order to understand why clutch failure happens, you must first learn the importance of the clutch. The clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the powertrain or transmission between rotating shafts. The clutch is usually located […]

Ways To Fix Acceleration Stumble in Your MINI

Acceleration stumbling can be a frightening phenomenon to experience in your usually-punchy and corner-hugging MINI. This problem can cause engine damage and lead to an increased rate of engine misfires. It is important to know how to recognize acceleration stumbles to avoid further damage and to keep you safe behind the wheel of your versatile […]

Why Does Your Mini Need Supercharger Oil?

Minis are small cars that have left a positive mark in motoring history. Through revolutionising the manufacturing, production, and cost of vehicles, as well as becoming a pop culture icon, Minis changed the face of motoring forever. Known for their fun colors, practical designs, and brilliant handling, Minis have been popular for generations. And now […]

Fixing Front Radiator Support Damage in Your Mini in Los Angeles

The MINI Cooper is known for its unique build and high performance. There aren’t many cars on the road that can zip through traffic as seamlessly as the MINI. In addition to being a portrait of class, the MINI is jam-packed with power. Much like its German family members, the BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen, the […]