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Causes of HDC System Failure in Your Land Rover From Certified Technicians in Los Angeles

Causes of HDC System Failure in Your Land Rover From Certified Technicians in Los Angeles

For over 40 years, Land Rovers have been inspiring drivers to get off the beaten path and explore those paths less taken. These robust, dauntless vehicles create the thirst for adventure in all their vehicle owners. To be ready for those adventures at a moment’s notice, your Land Rover must be maintained at the highest level of performance.

To aid in the pleasure of off-road excursions, the Land Rover is equipped with Hill Descent Control (HDC). The HDC combines the Land Rover’s innovative traction control system with its anti-lock braking system (ABS), allowing the ABS to control each descending wheel’s speed individually to control the effects of any sudden acceleration. This allows wheels that may be affected more by uneven terrain and friction to be slowed to better control the Land Rover’s descent.

This innovative technology results in you having greater confidence and security while driving off-road. If this system fails, it can result in less control in potentially dangerous situations.

This vital system will let you know when to have it serviced. If you are traveling above 30mph or the vehicle’s brake system is overheating, the HDC will not engage. Your Land Rover will also only allow you to engage the HDC in low gears, gear one, drive, or reverse. These messages will let you know what you need to do to use the HDC properly when driving off-road.

If your Land Rover tells you “HDC Fault System Not Available,” you will need to have your vehicle checked by a certified Land Rover mechanic because the system is failing. There are a few reasons the system will fail, and they are usually connected to other mechanical issues.

Battery Problems

A well-charged battery is required to start the HDC system upon engine ignition. If the HDC system does not get the amount of charge needed to start, it will indicate it is unavailable. If you have noticed dim headlights, a slow crank, or the battery warning light on the dashboard, you may have a dying battery, which will impact the HDC. Set up an appointment with your certified Land Rover auto shop to have this diagnosed as quickly as possible.

Alternator Problems

If other accessories are starting to behave erratically, your alternator could be going bad. You may have a bad alternator if the headlights are flickering, the windshield wipers are malfunctioning, the vehicle starts but then stalls, or you hear a squealing sound from the engine starts which then gets louder. Check with your certified mechanic so you can have the problem diagnosed and resolved correctly the first time.

Electronics Problems

The HDC is tied into multiple electronics systems in the Land Rover. Blown fuses, malfunctioning software, or bad wiring could be causing the HDC to fail. Because there are so many wires and fuses to inspect in your Land Rover, your best option is to have a mechanic identify the cause and get it corrected.


The HDC is interconnected to the brakes through the ABS. If you notice the dashboard brake warning light or the dashboard anti-lock brake warning light, you may have not only an HDC problem, but a brake problem.

Because these systems are so intertwined, the electronics between them could impact both systems, putting you at risk not only off-road, but in your everyday driving. Get your vehicle to a certified Land Rover shop immediately.

Complete Automotive Systems for Your Land Rover’s Needs

Your Land Rover was made to function off-road. However, the causes of HDC failure can result in you and your Land Rover being off all the Land Rover Alternator Replacement roads while it is being repaired. Regular maintenance can prevent these serious issues from happening and keep you both on the road to adventure.

For over 20 years, Complete Automotive Systems has been serving Land Rover drivers in Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA, keeping you and your car on the road. Complete Automotive Systems is an official Land Rover approved service center and are qualified to fix and maintain a variety of Land Rover models.

Our highly-advanced technicians undergo expert training so we can ensure they have the most advanced knowledge and skills to repair and maintain your Land Rover. Our level of knowledge and expertise eliminates guesswork, allowing us to identify issues and provide professional and cost-efficient repairs.

If your Land Rover is in need of repair or maintenance and you are in the Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA area, come see why Complete Automotive Systems is the most sought after Land Rover maintenance center.

* Land Rover Discovery Car image credit goes to: Dmitrii Guldin.

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