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Causes of MAF Sensor Failure in Audis

Causes of MAF Sensor Failure in Audis

A huge contributing factor to the appeal of the Audi in the market is excellent performance. Other than the luxury that comes with Audi models, the engine is also quite powerful, making it one of the most popular vehicle models among thrill seekers, pro racers, as well as everyday drivers who enjoy a high performance car.

As is the case with other high performance vehicles, the Audi has quite the powerful engine that gives extremely impressive performance when in perfect condition. In order to create the perfect mix of all the elements that are required to burn in the combustion chamber of the engine, there are several sensors that regulate the entry of these elements. One important component of the engine is the mass air flow sensor, or MAF sensor, as it is commonly referred to.

What the MAF Does

The MAF sensor is a sensor that tracks the flow rate of air that goes into the internal combustion chamber before fuel is injected into it. Determining the mass flow rate of air plays a big role in determining the correct fuel mass that should be delivered into the combustion chamber.

Simply put, the MAF sensor ensures that a balanced volume of air to fuel ratio is achieved to ensure that the correct amount of each is allowed into the combustion chamber for maximum combustion. It is this sensor that therefore determines just how much fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. The entire process is highly computerized and occurs repeatedly within a short period of time.

Causes of MAF Failure

The MAF sensor in the engine can malfunction for a number of reasons that include:


This happens as a result of combustion byproducts, dust in the air, or oil vapors that can be deposited in the MAF sensor and start to build up over a period of time. This blockage impairs the functions of the sensor, causing miscommunication of the amount of air and fuel that is allowed into the combustion chamber.

Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure can arise from accidents that cause structural damage to the car. If the damage extends to the MAF sensor, the volume ratio measuring system stops working or works incorrectly.

Electrical failure

The MAF sensor works through the vehicle’s computerized system and is an electrical process. An electrical fault in the car can therefore interfere with the readings on the sensor, causing the computer to misinterpret the ratios.

Symptoms of MAF Sensor Failure

Some of the symptoms that will be presented by your Audi to point to this type of problem in the engine include:

Poor acceleration

You will notice that your car hesitates before accelerating when you need it to. This is generally because the correct amount of fuel needed to accelerate has not been injected into the combustion chamber to power the increase in speed that you need. It therefore takes a while before the car can get to the speed that you want it to.

Excess vibrations

You may also feel excessive vibrations in the car, especially when the engine is idling.

Check engine light

The check engine light on the dashboard will come on. This is simply because of the lack of correlation between the volume of air and fuel being injected into the combustion chamber. This causes the engine to run at less than optimum, resulting in the notification to check on the engine. The code given may indicate that the engine is running either rich or lean.

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What to Do

Often times when the MAF sensor encounters some difficulties, the best solution is usually to replace it. Since replacing it in the Audi can be an involving task, you would best be advised to seek the help of a professional vehicle repair service that specializes in German models. This way, you get to have experienced mechanics to have a look at your car and make the necessary repairs without having to worry about the quality of their services.

At Complete Automotive Systems, we have made it our business to ensure that you enjoy having an Audi by providing all the necessary services and repairs. All you need to is call us especially if you are in and around Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Culver City, or Santa Monica, CA.

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