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Fix Your Mercedes’ Transmission Problems at the Best Repair Shop in Los Angeles

Fix Your Mercedes’ Transmission Problems at the Best Repair Shop in Los Angeles

The transmission in your Mercedes is very complex, and your car would be unable to run without it. The transmission distributes the power from the engine to the driveshaft of your car. Because it’s exposed to so much heat and friction, your transmission experiences more wear and tear on its components and may develop problems over time.

It’s important to know the signs because if problems are left unchecked, they can cause total transmission failure and may even damage other components. Let’s take a look at some of the common warning signs and what to do about them.

Symptoms of Transmission Problems

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it’s important that you have it examined by a certified mechanic. Catching transmission problems early can save you time and money. Here are some common symptoms of transmission problems:

Shifting Delays and Slow Response Time

Something is wrong if your Mercedes hesitates to go into gear. Your car should smoothly change to the proper gear the moment you shift out of park. It’s time to have it examined by a professional if it suddenly starts hesitating.

Vibrations and Shaking While Driving

Your Mercedes is supposed to run very smoothly. If there is a problem with the gears in your transmission, your car will shake when you shift into gear. The vibrations can cause more damage if the problem is not fixed as soon as possible.

Burning Smell

A burning smell indicates that your transmission is overheating. The transmission fluid keeps the gears running smoothly. If the oil is too old or too low, the gears will eventually become damaged from the heat and friction.

Leaking Transmission Fluids

A transmission fluid leak is the most common sign of a problem. If you let the leak go for too long, your entire engine could seize up. This may cause your Mercedes to need extensive repairs.

Check Engine Light Is On

The check engine light is a sign that your engine needs to be serviced. You need specialized equipment to access the computer to find out what’s wrong. While a check engine light is not a sign of transmission problems by itself, if you’re experiencing any of the other symptoms above along with this one, it’s a very good idea to at least get a check up done by a professional.

Common Transmission Problems

Low or Dirty Transmission Fluid

Sludge can build up inside the transmission fluid. If this happens, it can cause your gears to slip and overheat. It’s important to make sure your transmission fluid doesn’t get too low, and if the fluid smells burned or looks dirty, you should have it changed by a professional. If not, your gears can become damaged, and that can cause total transmission failure.

Problems with the Solenoid

Transmission solenoids control gear shifting. If there is a problem with the solenoid, it may not shift into the correct gear, or it may take a while to shift into the right gear. If your transmission is getting stuck in neutral or delaying when shifting out of park, you should definitely get it examined, because a faulty solenoid could be the cause.

Worn Out Gears

After so many years on the road, it’s not surprising that your gears may become damaged and worn out over time. The gears are subject to extreme heat and friction.If your Mercedes is slipping out of gear, the gears inside the transmission could need replacing.

What is the solution?

If your Mercedes is experiencing any of these issues, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. A certified technician can diagnose the problem and repair or rebuild the transmission. Letting transmission problems go too long can cause total transmission failure, and it can place extra strain on your engine. Transmission problems can negatively impact your overall fuel efficiency and power, as well.

We Will Help!

Complete Automotive Systems has provided excellent Mercedes Check Engine Light service to Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA for over 15 years. Our staff is factory certified and specialize in the repair and maintenance of European vehicles. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment and software to ensure we can provide you with the absolute best service in Los Angeles.

If you’re experiencing transmission problems, our knowledgeable staff can accurately diagnose and repair your Mercedes. Call us today to schedule an appointment or stop by for a consultation.

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