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How To Deal With O2 Sensor Failure in Your Jaguar From the Experts in Los Angeles

How To Deal With O2 Sensor Failure in Your Jaguar From the Experts in Los Angeles

Jaguars are known for their elegance and sleek designs. They are comfortable and have spacious interiors. But like any vehicle, they need regular maintenance performed. This will keep your Jaguar running properly for many years to come. However, one small component that can cause issues is the O2 sensor. Let’s take a closer look in the article below.

What is the O2 sensor?

The O2 sensor is also referred to as the oxygen sensor. It is a component that measures the oxygen levels in your exhaust. It is located in the exhaust system. It gathers information, which in turn determines the air-to-fuel ratio. The engine must receive the correct ratio to work correctly. If your O2 sensor is failing, it will not be able to provide the correct information to the computer. This will negatively affect the engine’s performance and emissions.

Symptoms of a Failing Oxygen Sensor

A failing oxygen sensor can produce many different symptoms. If your sensor is failing, it needs to be replaced right away. Changing it out now will prevent future problems. On the plus side, replacing this component is inexpensive.

An O2 sensor is essential for fuel economy, performance, and emissions. Below is a list of some common symptoms of a failing O2 sensor.

Gas Mileage

If your car is using more gas than usual, and you aren’t driving your car any differently, there may be an issue with the sensor. If the O2 sensor isn’t working properly, it can cause your Jaguar to burn more fuel than usual. It is a good idea to get in the habit of keeping track of your gas mileage. If there is a change, this can alert you to possible problems.

Smell of Rotten Eggs

Another warning sign of O2 sensor failure is the smell of rotten eggs. This odor will come from the exhaust. It can enter into the interior of the car and cause an unpleasant cabin odor.

Rough Engine Idle

If you notice that your Jaguar is running rough when idling, the O2 sensor may be failing. You may also experience backfiring. These issues are caused by an improper air-to-fuel ratio. You may also experience a lack of power, stalling, and hesitation.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light can be triggered by many different issues. One of these issues is a failing oxygen sensor. If your light is ever activated, take your Jaguar to a certified mechanic. They will be able to run a diagnostic scan and determine what caused the light to come on. Older vehicles are more susceptible to failing O2 sensors, so keep this issue in mind if your Jaguar is an older model.

Failed Emissions Testing

You may not notice that your Jaguar even has a problem until you fail an emissions test. There are some states that require this testing. It has been put in place to cut down on the pollutants that are being released into the air. If your O2 sensor is failing, it may be causing your car to produce too much carbon emissions.

When should you replace your sensor?

O2 sensors will wear out over time. If your Jaguar is over 15 years old, you should have the sensor replaced, even if you aren’t experiencing any issues. It is also recommended that you have it replaced every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Replacing the sensor may cut down on the number of pollutants being produced by your vehicle. It may also help improve your gas mileage and make your car run more smoothly.

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