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How to Deal With Oil Leaks From the Rear Main Seal of a Porsche

How to Deal With Oil Leaks From the Rear Main Seal of a Porsche

Porsche might be one of the most well-known sports cars in the world, but one of the more common problems for a Porsche owner to experience is an oil leak. This may sound like a no-brainer problem with an easy solution, but many drivers wait to take their car in for repairs because they aren’t aware of the potentially-catastrophic results of oil leaks. Let’s take a closer look at oil leaks and the rear main seal of the Porsche.

Signs of Leaks

Waking up to big puddles of oil under your car is an obvious sign you’re experiencing an oil leak, some can be minor and others require an immediate fix. Some of the more subtle signs of oil leak include:

  • rattling in the engine, ranging from minor vibrations to major shakes
  • a strong smell of burning oil
  • your dipstick shows a significant drop in the oil level of your engine

Origins of the Oil Leak

The causes of oil leaks vary in type, effect, and expense to fix. An oozing oil pan gasket is a relatively easy, inexpensive fix, while a cracked or broken rear main seal takes more effort and cost to fix due to its depth within the engine.

Other possible causes include leaking oil return tube seals, leaking lower valve gasket covers, leaking crankshaft oil seals, or faulty engine thermostat o-rings. In most cases, a sealant or replacement will be recommended to solve the issue.

Driving with an Oil Leak

Dismissing an oil leak is potentially dangerous. It is almost always a costly decision. Oil is the lubricant for your engine. Without oil to circulate through your systems, your engine could potentially be seriously damaged or even seize up entirely.

The leaking oil itself can also damage parts of the engine. Oil in your brake system can be incredibly dangerous. Leaking oil is also a fire hazard, especially if it makes it into the exhaust system.

Leaking oil in a Porsche is almost always much more costly than most other cars, especially if the issue is in the rear main seal. There is a lot of manual labor required just to get the rear main seal in a Porsche, including removing large portions of the car’s exhaust system. The repair cannot be pushed to the backburner, since your vehicle can’t run without oil.

Caring for an Oil Leak in the Rear Main Seal

The most obvious tip of preventing an oil leak is by taking your Porsche in for regularly-scheduled maintenance. You can also have your mechanic replace the main rear seal when problems are suspected or detected.

Those who live in areas with stop-and-go traffic will need to change their oil more frequently than highway commuters. Therefore, those who drive mostly in the city should consider regularly replacing their seal before problems arise.

For slow leaks, adding oil to the engine as needed is a temporary fix. Some Porsche owners choose to bypass the mechanic shop in the short term by adding products that claim to stop leaks. Beware: while these will patch up small cosmetic problems, they can also cause leaks deeper in the engine and in more dangerous locations. This costs more in the long run, as well as being more dangerous in the interim.

The rear main seal of the Porsche is a low-cost part that is designed to be replaced upon servicing your Porsche. Removing the bumper, exhaust system, transmission, and flywheel are all necessary before it’s possible to reach the rear main seal. Because of the amount of labor involved, this replacement often takes a full day, and can rack up quite a bill.

Due to the intense labor and downtime required to replace the rear main seal, the best advice one can give to a Porsche owner is to order a rear main seal replacement whenever the vehicle is being serviced in that area. This ensures it is not necessary to make a return trip solely to replace the main seal down the road.

Complete Automotive Systems will Help

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