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How to Fix Oil Pan Gasket Leaks in Your Jaguar in Los Angeles

How to Fix Oil Pan Gasket Leaks in Your Jaguar in Los Angeles

Oil is incredibly important to many different moving parts of your vehicle. Without enough oil circulating in your engine and working parts, your car can overheat, which can cause major engine damage.

One major problem that can happen with the oil in your car is that the oil pan gasket, or the part that keeps the oil in the right place until it is ready to be used, will start to leak.

If you start to notice a burning smell around your vehicle or that oil is puddling under your car, then it is time to bring the Jaguar in for a professional inspection. It may be that the oil pan gasket is leaking, preventing engine-saving lubrication from entering the compartments. Getting this problem repaired quickly is one of the best options to keep your car working properly.

What does the oil pan gasket do?

The gaskets in your vehicle are used mainly as a type of cushioning and sealing agent. They are placed between two components in the vehicle and then fastened with nuts and bolts. The main purpose of the oil pan gasket is to keep in place the pan that catches the oil, so that oil does not drip out and cause multiple problems.

Oil is meant to circulate through the car to help the engine run smoothly and to keep everything lubricated inside of the vehicle as well. But when the oil leaks, it will spill into areas where it should not be, causing damage.

With the right gasket in place, the seal will expand and contract, based on the heat from the engine, letting just enough oil through to lubricate everything without leaking into components that will malfunction with the introduction of oil.

Symptoms of a Gasket Leak with the Oil Pan

There are a few different symptoms that you should notice when there is a gasket leak with your oil pan. If you spot any of them in your Jaguar, you need to take your car to a certified mechanic as soon as possible. Some of the common symptoms of an oil pan gasket leak include:

  • Smoke: This is one of the more noticeable symptoms when the gasket on the oil pan is no longer in place. The smoke happens because oil drips onto the exhaust pipes. You should pay immediate attention to this problem before the oil is able to get everywhere and cause more problems.
  • Engine overheating: Engine oil will help your engine stay at the right temperature. With engine coolant, the oil will reduce any of the excess friction and heat in the engine. However, if the gasket breaks, your oil will spill out, and the engine will struggle to stay cool. This will most likely result in your engine overheating.
  • Oil puddles forming under the car: If you inspect your vehicle and you start to notice that there is leaking oil, this is a sign that oil is dripping from a faulty gasket in the oil pan. This does happen with normal wear and tear of your Jaguar, so you need to have this inspected when you take your vehicle in for normal maintenance.
  • Low oil level: Often the oil pan gasket leak will drop just a small amount of oil that is hard to detect. But over time, the leak will get worse. You may start to notice that the check oil light will turn on, even if you replaced the oil not that long ago. If it feels like you are replacing oil often, it is time to check the oil pan gasket.

If you start to notice any of these signs, then Jaguar Oil Pan Gasket Inspection it is time to get your Jaguar in to a professional mechanic right away. We will check the oil pan gasket and determine how to best fix it so the oil will stop leaking and your Jaguar will remain functioning as intended.

At Complete Automotive Systems, we are proud to serve the residents of Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA. No matter what problem you have with your Jaguar in the Los Angeles area, our professional mechanics are here to help. Contact us today to set up your appointment so you can get back on the road confidently.

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