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Importance of the Crankshaft Position Sensor in Mercedes

Importance of the Crankshaft Position Sensor in Mercedes

Mercedes vehicles are well-known for being top-of-the-line in luxury and performance. Most Mercedes owners will agree that their experiences live up to their fabled reputation, but they are susceptible to issues just like any other car on the market. One of the more common problems that you run into with a Mercedes is crankshaft position sensor malfunction/failure. In this article, we will discuss why crankshaft position sensors are crucial to the function of your Mercedes and how to spot the signs of malfunction or failure.

What does a crankshaft position sensor do?

The crankshaft position sensor, or CPS, ensures the proper timing of the engine control unit. In turn, this will start the fuel injection system and ignition system, allowing your car to start. The CPS does this by measuring how fast the crankshaft is spinning. It then sends that speed data to the engine control unit. Without a properly functioning CPS, your Mercedes will develop some dangerous issues. Let’s take a look at those below.

Why is the crankshaft position sensor important?

The consequences of CPS failure are fairly serious. These are some warning signs that you’ll quickly notice in your Mercedes if this component stops working properly:

Your engine may vibrate

When the engine of your car is vibrating, this likely means that the engine control unit is not managing the crankshaft as it should. You will be able to feel these vibrations through your steering wheel.

The check engine light comes on

This could be due to multiple issues, but you shouldn’t rule CPS failure out. If you experience this in conjunction with the other warning signs, you can rule out most other potential problems.

The engine may stall

If you have ever been driving along the highway only to have your engine quit in the process, you know the experience is terrifying. This is called an engine stall. A bad CPS could be the culprit behind this dangerous failure.

Weak engine performance

A bad CPS can send wrong information to the engine control unit, causing a delay when you push the gas pedal. Instead of speeding up immediately, as you should, your Mercedes will gradually get there. Sometimes, the pedal won’t respond to your touch at all. This is a sign that your CPS issues are farther advanced. An engine stall could be next, which is very dangerous.

You may have trouble starting your car

When the CPS is failing, the engine control unit is notified that the data is incorrect. Because of this, you will have trouble starting the engine. Your vehicle may not start at all and you will need to get towed to an auto shop. This costs quite a bit of extra money, so you do not want to let the issue get this bad. If you notice any of the signs above, it is best to go to a trusted Mercedes mechanic, for your safety and that of your vehicle.

What You Can Do to Fix Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure in a Mercedes

A Mercedes car is complex and requires extra attention to detail when it comes to repairs and the replacement of malfunctioning or failing parts. Mercedes Crankshaft Position Sensor Issue Check A standard mechanic may not cut it. You need to see a team of specialists if you want the job done quickly and correctly the first time.

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