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Professional Repair in Los Angeles of Coolant Leaks in Your Jaguar

Professional Repair in Los Angeles of Coolant Leaks in Your Jaguar

Jaguars are uniquely-designed, performance-based, high-quality vehicles. When you drive a Jaguar, you know that you are driving in style and sophistication. This is why when a problem arises, it should be addressed immediately to ensure the performance of your Jaguar remains to your standards. One such problem that can occur is a coolant leak.

The coolant is responsible for ensuring the engine does not overheat. While the engine is on, coolant circulates through, absorbing the heat generated. The coolant is then cooled by the radiator so it can be sent to circulate through again. To keep your Jaguar from overheating, be aware of the signs below that indicate a coolant leak so you know when it is time to have your Jaguar serviced.

Signs of a Coolant Leak

When a coolant leak occurs, you need to know what signs to look for so you can bring your Jaguar into your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

The first sign of a coolant leak is a puddle under the front of your vehicle. The coolant is most likely going to leak from the radiator, which is located at the front of the vehicle. Coolant is usually green, orange, or purple. So, if you see a puddle of one of these colors under your parked Jaguar, then you know it is the coolant that is leaking.

The second sign to be aware of is the coolant warning light on your dashboard. It is important to note that the coolant warning light looks similar to the warning light that indicates the engine oil is cold. The warning light you are looking for will most likely be red or orange.

Your Jaguar has countless sensors throughout it that report back to the main computer. From there, the computer lets you know through the dashboard if there is an issue. This same process occurs when there is a coolant leak, and the light on your dashboard will illuminate.

It can be dangerous to drive with the coolant warning light illuminated because you could run into engine overheating issues. This is why it is important to heed this warning.

Reasons Behind a Coolant Leak in Jaguar

Knowing the reasons behind coolant leaks in your Jaguar helps you to understand the types of repairs that need to be done when a leak occurs.

With this in mind, one reason for a coolant leak in your Jaguar is a hole in the radiator. The radiator is responsible for cooling the circulating coolant with the help of incoming air. As continuous hot coolant is flowing into the radiator, over time, this heat will cause the radiator to wear down. Eventually, a hole can form. When it does, the coolant leaks out of the Jaguar instead of continuing to circulate.

Another reason behind coolant leaks is a leaky radiator cap. The radiator needs to be extremely pressurized at all times to ensure the coolant and the cooling system can function properly. When there is a radiator cap leak, the pressurized seal created by the cap is no longer there. This causes coolant to leak from the system.

A blown head gasket is another reason for coolant to leak from your Jaguar. The head gasket is located on the engine and is responsible for maintaining separation between the engine oil and the coolant. While both fluids are necessary for optimal engine performance, they are not meant to mix or come in contact. Both fluid systems operate under different pressures, so the head gasket helps to maintain the pressure of each system. When the head gasket has blown, coolant leaks will occur. This can cause catastrophic engine damage.

Complete Automotive Systems Fix Your Coolant Leaks

Coolant plays a crucial role in the overall Jaguar Coolant Fillingperformance of your Jaguar’s engine. As soon as you notice one of the above-mentioned signs of a coolant leak, it is time to bring your Jaguar into your trusted mechanic.

At Complete Automotive Systems near Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA, we take pride in providing complete car repairs to all European vehicles. When you bring your Jaguar to us, the latest diagnostic tools are used to determine the reason behind the coolant leak and repair it immediately using high-quality parts.

Your Jaguar will be repaired efficiently so you can be back on the road safely with confidence. Schedule an appointment with us today to have your coolant leak repaired.

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