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Reasons Behind DSC Failure in Your Land Rover in Los Angeles

Reasons Behind DSC Failure in Your Land Rover in Los Angeles

The Land Rover is an amazing car that comes with a host of benefits. Drivers love pushing this durable vehicle to its limits and taking advantage of its power. In addition to being a stunning car, it’s jam-jam-packed with power. It has the capability to withstand harsh road conditions along with harsh elements. This is one of the reasons why individuals flock to this vehicle. They get the power they need without compromising on style.

Since the Land Rover is such a durable car, it only makes sense for it to be priced at a premium range. That’s why, when people purchase this vehicle, they plan on keeping it for an extended period of time.

While this vehicle is ultra durable, it requires an owner who is prepared to take on the financial commitment of proper maintenance and taking it in for routine servicing. This means using premium oil and fuel as opposed to taking the cheaper way out. When drivers do this, they notice an extreme difference in how their car operates.

Inevitable Wear and Tear

As durable and beautiful as this car is, it also has its fair share of issues. Owners report several servicing visits due to its sensitivities. In fact, if you check online forums dedicated to Land Rovers problems and how to truly solve them, you will find that some issues require professional assistance in order to work properly.

One of the primary issues that the Land Rover faces is issues with the DSC system. In fact, many high-end brands deal with this issue on a consistent basis. Typically, European luxury brands are the main victims of this issue. This unfamiliar system plays a vital role in keeping track of your car’s condition. By understanding how to identify these issues you’ll learn how to care for them and when to receive professional help.

What is a DSC system?

The acronym DSC stands for dynamic stability control. There are several sensors that work together to make sure your car is working properly. This system works to ensure these systems are working properly to give the driver an optimal driving experience. This system analyzes the conditions of the road and alerts the wheels and other compartments. This helps with regulating the driving experience and making sure it’s consistent.

What are the symptoms of a failing system?

The DSC system works hand in hand with major systems like the anti-lock brake system. Therefore, if you’re experiencing issues with this system, there’s a good chance you’re facing issues with your DSC system.

In modern models, the dashboard may indicate issues by flashing the DSC light. In some vehicles it may be called the ABS. These warning lights should not be ignored as they signal larger issues.

When you notice these indicator lights, it is best to immediately take your Land Rover to a trained mechanic. They’ll be able to officially diagnose the issue and offer a professional solution. This isn’t a simple fix that you can do yourself, since it has to do with your Land Rover’s computer system.

What Causes This Failure

One of the major reasons drivers experience this failure is due to various issues within the system. For example, the DSC system regulates different parts such as the wheel speed sensors, control module, pumps, and brakes. If you notice any issues with these parts, it will greatly impact how the DSC system works. This system is so sensitive that having a lowered brake fluid level could cause these lights to flash.

Regardless of the source, it’s best to have this issue checked out by a professional. You never truly know what the underlying issue could be. Therefore, let a trained mechanic identify this issue for you. There may be a hidden issue you weren’t aware of.

How We Can Help

The automotive experts of Complete Automotive Systems Land Rover DSC Issue Fix proudly work in the Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, Santa Monica, CA areas. We’re skilled in working with heavy-duty vehicles like the Land Rover. In addition, we have the experience needed to identify mild to severe issues impacting your DSC failure.

If you’re in the area and need a trained professional to handle this service, feel free to reach out to us now to schedule your service.

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