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Reasons Behind Gear Selector Issues in Your Mercedes

Reasons Behind Gear Selector Issues in Your Mercedes

You love your Mercedes-Benz. It is one of your prized possessions, so you want to keep your car running at a high-quality performance rate. Because of how much you love and care for your car, it can be incredibly frustrating when something goes wrong. The Mercedes brand is reliable, efficient, and modern. When transmission issues pop up, it can be aggravating.

It isn’t necessarily because Mercedes is known for having transmission problems more often than other vehicle brands, but more likely because there is a higher reporting rate of gear selector problems with Mercedes vehicles. Let’s discuss how to identify gear selector issues and where to go for service should you need help.

Signs of Gear Selector Failure

If you’re having gear selector issues in your car, you’ll know when you’re experiencing them. Your gear selector is what helps you shift from one gear to the next, and if your selector is failing, you won’t be able to do that easily or at all. Here are some things you’ll notice as the gear selector begins to fail:

Uncommon Noises

Grinding or clicking sounds when you attempt to shift gears are clear signs of issues with either the gear selector box or the transmission itself. These noises happen because there is a fault in the connection between the gear selector and the transmission. You know your car better than anyone. If you hear abnormal or unusual sounds in your transmission, you should seek a mechanic’s advice immediately.

Rough Gear Shifting

Whether manual or automatic, when you attempt to shift gears, it should be effortless. Your car is built to make gear changes easy so that driving is not impeded. However, if you are feeling resistance when you shift gears, or your car responds by jerking or reducing speed when you do, there is a problem. You may even experience difficulty shifting from drive into reverse. This is important to pay attention to as it can affect how you react to drivers around you, and can ultimately result in auto accidents.

Limp Mode

Limp mode is a security feature on your car that detects when there is a fault with the transmission or the engine. Your vehicle will go into a protective mode to try and save your car from further damage. It will reduce speeds, shut off unnecessary features, and your check engine light will come on to notify you to get to a mechanic quickly for inspection and repairs.

Causes of Gear Selector Issues

Issues with the gear selector can be due to a multitude of issues with the components that aid its smooth function. Here are the most common linked to gear selector problems:

Transmission Wear

Your gear selector is directly associated with your transmission and will be affected by changes in transmission quality and efficiency. The gears and cables inside of the transmission system will begin to wear over time. It is also important to keep an eye on your transmission fluid.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturer defects are not as common of a problem, but they can occur. Factory parts can be prone to issues if they are not tested properly off the line. Mercedes obviously has a very high-quality to all their components, but no one is perfect. It’s a possibility that the part arrived at the assembly facility with defects.

Valve Body Failure

There is a valve that allows the transmission fluid to reach the transmission parts, but if the body of that valve is faulty, it will not work properly. This can cause issues with shifting gears. If not properly lubricated, it can eventually break those gears down entirely.

We Repair Gear Selector Issues

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