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Reasons Behind Your Jaguar’s Water Pump Failure From Certified Mechanics in Los Angeles

Reasons Behind Your Jaguar’s Water Pump Failure From Certified Mechanics in Los Angeles

As the proud owner of a Jaguar, you know how important regular maintenance is in order to preserve the revolutionary performance expected from the brand. Not only does following your Jaguar’s service schedule help ensure you continue to get the most out of your automobile, it protects you from common problems with the brand, such as water pump failure.

This article will describe some of the reasons why your Jaguar’s water pump may begin to fail, as well as who you can trust when it’s time for repairs.

Water Pump Function

It is important to understand how your water pump functions, as well as the purpose it serves in your Jaguar, in order to understand what factors can cause your vehicle’s water pump to fail.

The water pump is what moves coolant all throughout your Jaguar’s engine. It does this by using spinning impeller blades to pump coolant first through the engine, where it settles into the water jackets located around the cylinders. From here, the coolant is pushed through the hoses into the radiator, and the cycle then repeats.

Without a fully functioning water pump, your Jaguar is at serious risk of costly damages occurring. Any disruption to your vehicle’s coolant system can result in your engine overheating, a problem that can cause irreversible damage.

Water Pump Failure

Knowing what can cause your water pump to fail is integral to preventing failure from occurring. Learning what warning signs to watch for in your Jaguar can mean the difference between a routine water pump replacement, and total engine failure while driving as a result of overheating. The following are two of the most common reasons why the water pump in your Jaguar might fail:

Build-Up of Deposit

As you drive, mineral deposits can collect in and around the water pump. These deposits can cause the water pump to leak coolant, which can sometimes be seen pooling on the ground beneath the hood of your Jaguar, depending of course on the size of the leak.

Over time, these leaks can lead to rusting, and even small holes forming in the water pump as the result of corrosion. Left alone, the water pump will continue to deteriorate until eventually, total failure can occur.

It is recommended that you regularly check your Jaguar’s water pump for signs of rust, corrosion, or leaking for these reasons. Any signs of deposits building up in your Jaguar in relation to the water pump should be promptly addressed by certified mechanics.

A Loose Pulley

The other reason your Jaguar’s water pump might fail is that the water pump pulley has become loose. This problem can be identified by a high-pitched whining sound coming from the front of your vehicle. This sound will typically increase in volume as you accelerate, and is a good indicator that your car is in need of repair.

If your Jaguar is showing signs of having a loose pulley, it is important to have it inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible. The whining sound associated with a loose pulley is often the result of the bearings inside of your water pump beginning to break down, typically indicating that total failure of the pump is not too far in the future.

Water Pump Replacement

The water pump is one of the high-mileage pieces of equipment inside of your Jaguar. As such, the lifespan of an average water pump is generally considered to be anywhere from 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Despite this fact however, failure in the water pump can still occur suddenly, and without warning.

It is for this reason that keeping up with regular maintenance and inspection is so crucial. A mechanic detecting and correcting early signs of wear on your Jaguar’s water pump is the most effective way to prevent more serious complications from arising.

Finding a trusted professional to replace your water pump when the time comes helps ensure the continued superior performance levels that originally led you to becoming a Jaguar owner.

How Complete Automotive Systems Can Help

Water pump failure is a problem that can occur in Jaguar Water Pump Checkany automobile. However, as this is a problem commonly associated with the Jaguar brand, it is even more important that you pay special attention to your Jaguar’s water pump for any early indications of failure.

At Complete Automotive Systems, we have been providing Jaguar owners throughout the Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA area with exceptional service for over 20 years. As a family-owned and operated business, our expert technicians are equipped with the same tools and training you would find at any dealership, but at a fraction of the cost. Let us prove to you why Complete Automotive Systems is considered to be the leading foreign and domestic service center in Los Angeles.

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