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The Importance of Bentley Air Struts

The Importance of Bentley Air Struts

Bentley is a name that commands a lot of respect in the car world. If you own one of these sought-after luxury cars, such as the Mulsanne, GTC, Bentayga, Flying Spur, or Continental GT, you have a vehicle that will not disappoint you in luxury performance. Bentleys continue to outrank their competitors in annual sales year after year.

Despite the high rankings in customer satisfaction for ownership, these high-quality automobiles can also experience mechanical difficulty. One of the more common mechanical difficulties experienced with a Bentley involves the air suspension system. If you are driving and notice a light on the dashboard illuminated, warning “Stop vehicle too low,” or if your car looks lower to the ground that it usually does, you should take it to a qualified automotive repair facility for an inspection of the air suspension, including the air struts.

Problems With Air Struts in Bentleys

Problems with the air suspension, specifically the air struts, in a Bentley are not uncommon. The air suspension of a Bentley is designed for extra comfort. The manufacturer uses rubber cylinders rather than coil springs which allow excellent adjusting of the suspension, so you can set it as you like it. However, because rubber does corrode, it will degrade with the passage of time and need to be replaced. When that rubber in the cylinders fails, you can suffer problems with the air suspension or other malfunctions with your vehicle.

If your Bentley’s air struts have air leaking from them, you will have an uneven ride which can cause you to suffer from an immediate chain of events that could end with a hefty repair bill for your Bentley’s suspension issues. As soon as you suspect any changes in your Bentley’s air struts, you should take it in for inspection and diagnosis at a qualified auto repair facility.

Air Strut Issues Should Not Be Ignored

If you don’t give the issues with your air struts or suspension immediate attention, the components will start to fail. These failing components will cause your Bentley to fall to the ground, and believe it or not, that can happen overnight. Most likely the suspension will go out while your Bentley is parked, but there is the risk of it dropping while you are traveling on the freeway at high speeds.

When the suspension drops while the car is in motion, it is especially dangerous because the driver has no warning and it can cause serious problems or contribute to a crash. Yes, Bentleys are equipped with a system that is supposed to warn you of vehicle problems, but there is the chance that the warning system will not function as it should, and you could be left without adequate warning then a problem result. You should regularly have your Bentley inspected by your automotive repair facility to make sure there are no unnoticed issues or lingering problems.

Repair Air Strut Problems at the First Sign of Failure

While most cars have traditional coil type springs serving as struts, a Bentley has 4 rubber cylinders that are called air springs. These air springs are filled with air that is supplied by an air compressor. While you are in motion, your vehicle will monitor the ride, and will modify the air pressure in the air struts in conjunction with the suspension setting you have it on. The different suspension settings include sport mode and comfort mode. Your Bentley shouldn’t normally lower overnight, so if it does, it is a sign of the air struts failing.

The age of the air springs will affect the rubber, causing small cracks to form and letting the air leak slowly. When this happens, the Bentley will begin to sit low on one side or a corner, such as the rear right, or front left. Catching this kind of problem early can help you avoid a catastrophic failure. If you don’t address the problem right away, the air spring can blow out. If the spring blows out while you are driving, it can cause extensive damage to your car’s body and even cause you to crash.

Getting Bentley Air Struts Repaired

If you have noticed problems with your Bentley’s suspension, Bentley Logo you should take it to your automotive repair facility as soon as possible. This is a problem that cannot wait for repair. Call Complete Automotive Systems, convenient to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Culver City, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles, CA, at (310) 839-1100 to get your Bentley’s air suspension inspected today!

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