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Timing Belt

Complete Timing Belt Services for Los Angeles’ European Vehicles

In European cars, the standard for performance is much higher than in other vehicles. Drivers know exactly what their car is supposed to feel like every time they get behind the wheel. An often overlooked but large part of your vehicle’s performance relies on the timing belt. Whether your car uses a metal timing chain or a rubber timing belt, annual service appointments and inspections are essential maintenance items. Once something goes wrong with your timing chain, it can lead to severe engine issues and leave you stuck with a dead car. At Complete Automotive Systems we specialize in timing belt services and replacements for the Los Angeles area’s most popular European cars.

Brands We Service

At Complete Automotive Systems we specialize in the area’s most popular European vehicles, including:

With the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available, our ASE certified mechanics are able to take care of anything your car’s timing belt needs. We are also proud to be the area’s in Domestic & Asian Import vehicle maintenance, including all timing belt related services and repairs.

How to Know if Your Timing Belt is Worn

Part of what makes it so important to take care of your car’s timing belt is that when it does brake, it’s typically without any warning. With that in mind, these are a few signs that can indicate issues and mean you need to bring your car in ASAP:

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  • Unusual ticking noise from the engine
  • Engine not turning over
  • Engine misfiring
  • Visible oil leaks in front of the motor

When you visit Complete Automotive Systems, our certified technicians will perform a full timing belt service depending on if your car uses a steel chain or rubber belt. This service includes:

  • Belt Tensioner
  • Idle Pulley
  • Water Pump
  • Timing Belt/Chain

The result is an accurate diagnostic of the health of your car’s timing belt and the components around it, so you can know exactly what your car needs. This also makes replacing any components easier to plan for so that you aren’t suddenly stuck with a dead car. We guarantee your satisfaction with every visit and stand by the quality of our work with our 2-Year/24,000-Mile warranty on parts and labor.

Call or Visit Our Shop Today

If you’re unsure what kind of timing belt your car has or what its’ overall health is, call or visit Complete Automotive Systems today. Located in Los Angeles, we also help drivers from surrounding areas including:

Please call with any questions regarding service, our friendly staff is always here to help you get the best for your car.