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Tips to Deal With Timing Chain Tensioner Failure in Your Jaguar in Los Angeles

Tips to Deal With Timing Chain Tensioner Failure in Your Jaguar in Los Angeles

Failures are typically bad things, but when the failure is in a car on the road, it can be dangerous. Learning about one of the common automotive failures can save many lives on the highway.

In a beautiful ride such as a Jaguar, ensuring that the timing chain tensioner is working properly will allow for maximum comfort and performance. Also, maintaining the timing chain tensioner can reduce the risk of failing while driving to minimize the risk of damaging it. So, it is very important to understand what the timing chain tensioner is, how it functions, and what you can do to keep it running optimally.

What is the timing chain tensioner?

In order to understand the timing chain tensioner, one must first understand the timing belt. Timing belts are used to synchronize the timing between the opening and closing of the engine valves to ensure that fuel injection is good and combustion byproducts are released.

Consequently, the timing chain tensioner is a device that places the necessary tension or pressure on the chain to allow it to control the timing chain properly. It usually performs this function through spring tension or hydraulic pressure. In both cases, if the pressure is not maintained, the timing of the engine malfunctions. While this may be caused by a variety of reasons, the most probable of them is a buildup of sludge that results in friction which impairs the motion of the timing chain.

Symptoms of Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

Perhaps the most significant issue resulting from timing chain tensioner failure is the reduction of engine efficiency. Usually, slight problems with the timing chain tensioner might lower the fuel economy and engine output, but in serious cases, the car can stall and stop running while in the middle of the road.

Problems with the timing chain tensioner are usually identified by a screeching noise originating near the engine. This is due to the timing chain being unable to smoothly function and instead grind against some impedance such as sludge or other contaminants. Sometimes, if the chain is tugging on the engine, this can result in rumbling or shaking. Usually, these symptoms get more serious with greater engine usage, so increasing the revolutions per minute may help to troubleshoot a problem as an issue with the timing chain tensioner.

Fixing Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

Unfortunately, problems with the timing chain tensioner cannot be fixed simply by washing. Usually, the issue is more complex than a simple clog or bump in the chain, so the recommended solution is to have it replaced. Since the timing chain tensioner works in conjunction with the timing chain, it is very important to also have the timing chain replaced as well.

In some cases, the timing chain is linked to other parts of the vehicle such as the water pump. In these cases, it is likewise recommended to have the water pump replaced as well because trying to fit old parts with new ones may result in a failure of the entire system. That is precisely the reason why the normal maintenance checkup for vehicles suggest a full replacement of the timing chain, timing belt, timing chain tensioner, and water pump.

For maximizing the longevity of the timing chain system, it is imperative to use high quality synthetic engine oil because it does not contain contaminants that can create a clog while yet lubricating the system very well. Doing so will also increase the lifespan of other engine parts as well, reducing the risk of corrosion and leakage in the engine.

The Solution to Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

If you have a timing chain tensioner failure and Jaguar F-Pace intend on driving anytime soon, it is probably time to get it fixed. Since replacing the system personally is not only highly complicated but also very physically demanding, it is highly recommended to consult an expert automotive specialist to have it done instead. For friendly customer service and professional skills, come to Complete Automotive Systems in California. We are convenient to Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and even Santa Monica. Call or stop by today to get your car back on the road with a fully functioning timing chain tensioner!

* Jaguar F-Pace image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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