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Tips to Repair Your BMW’s Malfunctioning Clutch From the Best Shop in Los Angeles

Tips to Repair Your BMW’s Malfunctioning Clutch From the Best Shop in Los Angeles

Are you an avid fan of BMWs? Do you love their colors, feature options, and outstanding performance? If so, you’re one of the millions of car enthusiasts around the globe who appreciate a quality car. What makes BMWs so alluring is their luxurious appeal. Owning one is a status symbol of wealth and boasts to others of your success.

However, as amazing as these cars are, they still face their fair share of challenges. They’re notoriously known as being one of the most high-maintenance cars on the market. This leads several owners to rethink their decision to become a BMW owner. One of the most common challenges that BMW owners face revolves around an important part: the clutch.

If you are facing issues with your clutch, you are not alone in your pain. Several BMW owners are constantly scheduling service appointments to resolve this issue throughout the year. If you’re searching for a lasting solution to this common problem, it’s best to understand the reasons for this recurring problem. Let’s first consider what role the clutch plays in your BMW’s performance then discuss why issues occur and how to address them.

What role does the clutch play?

Shifting between gears is virtually impossible without the clutch. This key piece allows you to move between gears without being stuck in one. Unfortunately, when this piece is compromised, it makes driving extremely difficult and dangerous. Imagine being stuck in reverse when you need to move forward. This could result in an untimely accident.

Since the clutch controls movement, its health is crucial to your BMW’s performance. Now that we have a basic understanding of this piece, let’s consider a few causes of clutch failure and how to address them.

What causes clutch failure?

Generally, clutch failure is attributed to 2 main causes: manufacturing defects and poor driving habits. If the manufacturer misaligned your cup and flywheel, two main parts of your clutch, this could result in complications. In matters like this, some manufacturers issue a complete recall or complementary repair to address the issue. Consult with your personal manufacturer to understand your options.

If you are one of those drivers who steps on the clutch a little too hard, this could be a leading factor in your clutch failure. Too much engagement between the clutch and gears results in an uneven distribution of power. Combustion and possible engine failure are two of the most common outcomes. Because of the severity, immediate action must be taken.

Your clutch needs to remain clean and free of unwanted debris. When your clutch is contaminated with oil, it directly impacts its performance. Slipping is the first indication of clutch failure. This is one of the more dangerous side effects of clutch failure as it makes switching between gears unpredictable.

How to Diagnose Clutch Failure

Diagnosing clutch failure begins with noticing slight changes in your BMW’s performance. If you notice that switching between gears becomes increasingly difficult, it’s best to bring your car in for immediate maintenance.

Unexpected slips are another sign that indicate eventual clutch failure. As mentioned, the severity of this site effect is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it’s best to keep your car off of the road until you can get it serviced.

Next, sudden drops in your gas mileage is a primary sign of clutch failure. If you notice that you’re filling your tank up more than usual, it’s crucial to get your car checked out by a professional mechanic. Failure to do so could result in hundreds of dollars a month being thrown out of the window.

Can you repair your own clutch?

Some may shudder at the idea of repairing their clutch on their own. However, those who are handy with their BMW have found that DIY repairs save them time and money. The severity of this project depends if your car is rear or front wheel drive. Assessing your mechanical skill set is key to determining if a professional should handle this repair or not.

How We Can Help

Complete Automotive Systems happily BMW Clutch Disc Replacementrepairs BMW issues in Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA communities. If you’re experiencing issues with your BMW, bring it in for servicing today. We’ll assess the issue at hand and deliver a comprehensive repair at an affordable price to become your trusted BMW service shop.

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