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Ways to Deal with Transmission Valve Failure in Porsche

Ways to Deal with Transmission Valve Failure in Porsche

Underneath the hood of your Porsche are many different moving parts that are all working in unison to give you the performance that likely caused you to get a Porsche in the first place. Regular maintenance helps ensure that all of these parts continue to work as they should for as long as possible, but even when you stick to a strict service schedule, sometimes problems will arise.

If you notice that an issue should arise under your hood, it is in your best interests to take your Porsche in to get it diagnosed and then repaired as soon as you are able. Getting your Porsche seen by a professional quickly can often help prevent compounding problems that can get both costly and frustrating.

When your transmission valve body begins to fail, it is one of those very serious issues that you do not want to underestimate. In fact, the transmission valve is so important that it can pay to know ahead of time what to keep an eye out for, should it ever fail. Here is what you need to know about your transmission valve failing and what it means for your Porsche.

What is a transmission valve?

If your Porsche is an automatic transmission, it has what is known as the valve body on the transmission. This valve is very important, as it is essentially the entire control center for your Porsche’s transmission. Inside of this valve body are many different passages in which hydraulic fluid is intended to flow through.

As the hydraulic fluid moves through the valve body, the valves that are allowed to open will then determine what gear your Porsche will move into as you are driving. On top of that, there are also certain sensors that allow your transmission valve to measure your engine load and speed throttle, all of which feeds back into your Porsche’s computer to help ensure the engine and transmission are working together as they should.

The transmission valve is integral to the high power and performance that you enjoy and love about your Porsche. When your transmission valve is not operating as it should, there is the chance that the wrong amount of hydraulic fluid is going into the wrong valve. What this means is that your Porsche may not be able to shift into the gear that it needs, which can be frustrating and potentially even dangerous as you are driving.

Signs Your Transmission Valve May be Failing

Since your Porsche’s transmission valve is one of the most important parts in making sure your car is running and shifting correctly, it only makes sense that there are going to be quite a few warning signs that something is not right.

Each of these symptoms are going to be pretty obvious for you to observe, so if you do notice any of them, be sure to visit a Porsche specialist immediately.

  • There is a delay in your Porsche’s shifting.
  • There is a knocking or banging sound when your Porsche shifts up or shifts down.
  • Your Porsche starts doing shift flares. A shift flare is when the engine’s RPMs will jump up into a very high range before your Porsche actually shifts to the next gear and lowers the RPMs.

Repairing Your Porsche’s Transmission Valve Body

When you fail to identify that your Porsche’s transmission valve body is beginning to fail, it can mean that even more serious problems are potentially Porsche Transmission Service on the horizon for you. Transmission problems can be costly to fix, so it is important to get your Porsche seen by the professionals as soon as you sense a problem so that we can catch it early and prevent some of those expensive domino effects.

That is why if you do notice any of the above mentioned symptoms and you are in Beverly Hills, Culver City, or Santa Monica, CA, be sure that you schedule an appointment with Complete Automotive Systems so that we can run a full diagnostic test and make any necessary repairs. We’re here to help diagnose and repair your Porsche with all the care and expertise you deserve. We look forward to earning your patronage for all your future service center needs.

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