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What to Do if Your Audi Engine Misfires in Los Angeles

What to Do if Your Audi Engine Misfires in Los Angeles

Engine-related problems can be unnerving to say the least. This is especially true if you drive a car with a sophisticated and customized engine, like an Audi. With these types of engines, vehicles need proper servicing and care in order to maintain the engines and prevent them from developing faults prematurely. A common problem that many vehicle owners have to deal with is a misfiring engine.

How It Happens

An engine goes through several processes in quick succession per second when running. These processes are usually timed and correctly sequenced. However, if one step is skipped, a reaction such as a sudden jerk, lunge, or buck will be felt. When the engine misses a step in the completing the combustion process from the point of air-to-fuel intake to the power output, then the resulting action is called a misfire. Misfiring can easily cause unprecedented damage to the engine of the car if left unchecked or even make the car dangerous to drive.

Causes of Misfiring in Audi

Misfiring engines can be caused by a number of different aspects. These include:

Faulty spark plugs

The many smaller components of the ignition system can easily develop faults that may cause the engine to misfire. Since modern Audis run on several cylinder engines like the V6 and the V8, failure of the spark plugs to ignite may lead to failure of combustion in one or several cylinders, causing the engine to misfire. The ignition coil may also become faulty if the car has covered lots of miles and this may lead to misfiring.

Incorrect air-to-fuel ratio

This is the situation that arises when there is an imbalance in the amount of air and fuel getting injected into the internal combustion chamber. When the engine runs on the wrong ratio of air-to-fuel. it is said to be running lean.

Low fuel pressure

When the pressure of the fuel runs low as a result of clogged filters or a faulty pump, the end result is that fuel getting injected into the combustion chamber will have low pressure. This will in turn cause a lean mixture that will trigger a misfire in the cylinders.

Other possible causes of misfiring include leaks in the intake manifold head gasket that will affect the amount of fuel getting into the combustion chamber as well as other damages inside the engine.

Signs of a Misfiring Engine

A misfiring engine is one of those issues that a driver is likely to feel as soon as they happen. Some of the symptoms of a misfiring engine include:

Rough idling

This results from the incorrect air-to-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber. This will lead to jerking movements when you are accelerating or rough idling. The rough idling may be characterized by jumping up and down or even a complete shutdown of the engine.

Increased vibrations

These will also be more pronounced when accelerating idling. While the normal manufactured engine is completely anchored to prevent heavy vibrations, a misfiring engine will cause these vibrations to be highly pronounced because of the imbalance created in the engine compartment.

Poor acceleration

This can be as a result of the incorrect air-to-fuel ratio that will cause the engine to run too lean or too rich. The downside of this is that the vehicle will sense the troubled engine and switch into limp mode to prevent further damage, thereby leaving your car unable to hit certain speeds or worse yet completely stopped.

Check engine light

The check engine light is usually the first indicator of a misfiring engine. The internal computer will pick up on any unusual activity in the engine and notify the driver that it needs to be taken to a mechanic for repairs.

What To Do

When the engine of your Audi misfires, you should Audi Spark Plug Checkimmediately seek out your trusted mechanic without driving over long distances in order to prevent any further damage that may cost a lot more to repair. Getting help from a certified technician with experience in handling luxury brands like the Audi will ensure that your car gets proper quality servicing and repairs.

For Audi drivers in Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, CA, Complete Automotive Systems offers experienced and efficient services for all your Audi needs. Reach out to us by phone or stop by for a consultation. One of our trusted technicians will diagnose your problem swiftly and review a plan of action to get you safely back on the road.

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