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When Should You Replace the Camshaft Seal of Your Volkswagen

When Should You Replace the Camshaft Seal of Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen is known for manufacturing dependable and practical vehicles that are comfortable and reliable for anything from quick trips to the store to cross-country road trips. They’ve come a long way over the years but still need maintenance to keep up to the standard you expect.

A worn-out camshaft seal is a potential problem with Volkswagens. In this article, we’ll explain the camshaft seal and its purpose, symptoms of a faulty camshaft seal, when to know it’s time to get your car examined, and where to go to seek help to prevent further issues and get your Volkswagen back on the road and running efficiently.

The Camshaft Seal and its Purpose

The camshaft seal is a round oil seal at the end of the engine’s camshaft. It is located in the cylinder head and responsible for sealing the end of the engine’s camshaft between the top of the cylinder head and the valve cover gasket.

The camshaft seal is made from a sturdy rubber material that typically does not need to be replaced very often, but it can wear out over time and begin to leak oil. This oil protects the metal internal components of the engine from friction, so it cannot do its job if it is leaking.

Oil leaking from the engine can lead to severe consequences for your Volkswagen’s engine if the problem is not addressed quickly.

Symptoms of a Faulty Camshaft Seal

As with many other engine-related issues with your vehicle, the first sign of a problem may be the check engine light turning on. Aside from this, there are two main warning signs you might be dealing with a faulty camshaft seal.

An oil leak is the hallmark symptom of a faulty camshaft seal. It’s important to know where your vehicle’s camshaft seal is located when you suspect oil leakage. The camshaft seal is generally located by the back of the motor on top of the cylinder head.

If you suspect an oil leak, you will need to look for traces of oil by the back of the engine or around the corners. Oil leaks are very dangerous to your Volkswagen’s engine, as the oil protects the metal internal components of it from friction. The loss of oil leads to excessive friction, which will eventually cause damage to your engine.

If you notice smoke emitting from the engine bay, you may have a faulty camshaft seal. The smoke is commonly the result of an oil leak. It’s possible the oil will leak onto the exhaust pipe or the exhaust manifold. This produces smoke when coming in contact with the hot metal. Smoke doesn’t always signify an oil leak, but it still stands as a symptom of a faulty camshaft seal of its own accord. Smoke wafting from the engine bay is a sign your vehicle should be taken in to be seen by a highly-trained mechanic as soon as possible.

Is a faulty camshaft seal an urgent issue?

You will want to get a faulty camshaft seal taken care of as soon as possible to prevent the issue from getting worse. While the problem will likely not cause immediate damage to your vehicle’s engine, it eventually will soon enough if ignored.

As we explained, the engine’s oil is used as a lubricant to prohibit excessive friction on various parts and components in the engine. If the oil is leaking, it may cause your vehicle to become unreliable and inflict serious damage to your engine.

Replacing your camshaft seal is simple enough, so it’s best to take care of it early on before other issues arise. If you suspect a faulty camshaft seal, our trusted mechanics will help.

Complete Automotive Systems Will Help

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We are the premier independent auto shop in West Los Angeles, and we would love to resolve your issues with your Volkswagen. Call today to book your appointment with one of our professional mechanics for dealership-quality service at a fraction of the cost.

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