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When to Get Your BMW’s Fuel Injectors Serviced by Certified Mechanics in Los Angeles

When to Get Your BMW’s Fuel Injectors Serviced by Certified Mechanics in Los Angeles

Like all vehicles, BMWs require regular maintenance in order to keep them in good shape. One of the services vital to the proper function of your car is the cleaning of your fuel injectors. The fuel injectors in a BMW spray the proper amount of fuel into the combustion chamber of your combustion engine, and this system is important for several reasons. Let’s discuss signs of fuel injector failure and where to go for service to keep your BMW running smoothly for a long time.

Why Maintained Fuel Injectors are Beneficial to Your BMW

Clean fuel injectors in your BMW are beneficial to your driving experience in several ways. Keeping them clean will vastly improve your drive. Let’s take a look below:

  • Fuel injectors deliver a very precise amount of fuel to your engine, unlike carburetors. This prevents your gas from being wasted, giving you better fuel efficiency and saving money overall.
  • Fuel injectors give your BMW more power. If you aren’t getting the precise amount of fuel that you need for your engine to function at optimal speeds and power, then you haven’t utilized your BMW to its full potential. However, with too much fuel, your BMW can’t utilize it so it is wasted; too little, and you can’t get the power you need while driving.
  • Fuel injectors lower harmful emissions released into the air, so they are great for the environment. Less gas used at one time lowers emissions over a longer period, making the air cleaner and easier for everyone to breathe. Since less fuel is wasted, everyone can also continue to use these nonrenewable resources for longer until a better, more affordable option is available.

Why Fuel Injectors Need Servicing

You may be wondering why the fuel injectors in your BMW need servicing. In this case, “servicing” means that the injectors should be cleaned. The deposits in your gasoline will eventually build up and clog your injectors. When this happens, the right amount of fuel can’t be delivered to the engine of your BMW.  Your engine won’t be as powerful and your fuel economy will be lowered as a result. This completely negates all of the benefits you get from having a fuel injector system in the first place, so regular servicing of the fuel injector is important.

How to Tell When Fuel Injectors Need Servicing

If your BMW’s fuel injections need service, you will notice a few changes occurring in your driving experience. These include:

Decreased gas mileage

If you drive the same amount in a week as usual but you need to fill up on fuel more and more often, your fuel injectors could be clogged.

Hard starting

This refers to a prolonged amount of engine cranking before the car will actually start during the ignition process.

Rough idling

Rough idling can be recognized by shaking or rattling sensations when the car is idle.

Pinging sound

This is what accompanies pre-ignition or the premature combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the engine.

Power performance loss

Your fuel injectors can’t deliver the proper amount of fuel to your BMW’s engine, so you won’t get as much power while driving.

When to Carry Out Fuel Injector Service

Your BMW should get its fuel injector system serviced every 36 months/3-years or every 45,000 miles, whichever comes first for you. This is the most recommended time in which to get the injectors cleaned, but you can go up to 60,000 miles without service if necessary. Anything beyond that isn’t advisable. You may think that car servicing is expensive, but as gas prices rise, filling up more than usual can become the greater expense.

Where to Get BMW Fuel Injector Serviced

If your BMW is in need of fuel injector servicing, BMW Fuel Injector Servicingthe technicians at Complete Automotive Systems will help get you back on track. For 20 years, CAS has been servicing high-end vehicles like yours. We are veterans in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. With our expert technicians, you can trust that your BMW is in capable hands.

We service the communities of Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica in the greater Los Angeles, CA areas. Call us or stop by Complete Automotive Systems for service questions and concerns.

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