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When You Should Replace the Serpentine Belt of Land Rover From the Experts in Los Angeles

When You Should Replace the Serpentine Belt of Land Rover From the Experts in Los Angeles

Land Rovers are hardworking vehicles designed to tackle the world head on. Great as both a utility vehicle and a family car, Land Rovers tend to last far longer than other cars. This does not mean, however, that owning a Land Rover will always be smooth sailing; over the years some parts may start to fail and need replacing. One part that Land Rovers commonly need serviced in their lifespan is the serpentine belt, and in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at this part and how you can tell when it needs to be replaced.

The Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt has many names, so you may find the terms serpentine and drive belt are all used interchangeably. This belt is a long snakelike strip of reinforced rubber with a grooved surface. It rotates and is powered by the crankshaft. While in older cars two belts were needed to power both the vehicle and the accessories, in modern cars a single serpentine belt can do both.

When the serpentine belt rotates it gives power to the alternator, the A/C, the power steering pump, compressor, water pump, and air pump — so as you can see, a functioning belt is essential. Without a working serpentine belt, none of these important systems will work, and in a worst-case scenario, severe engine damage may be caused.

Signs the Serpentine Belt Needs Replacing

As with almost all parts of your Land Rover, when the serpentine belt is on its way out it will let you know by giving you a series of warning signs. Here’s what to look out for:

Battery Warning Light

As the serpentine belt is responsible for powering the alternator, if it isn’t working correctly, the alternator will not be able to keep your Land Rover’s battery charged. This issue will trigger the battery warning light on your dashboard.

Screeching and Squealing

Hearing an unpleasant squealing or screeching sound from under the hood of your Land Rover as you drive indicates drive belt failure. Hearing these noises usually means the belt is either too loose, too tight, or has slipped from alignment. This creates resistance when the belt turns, which is why you hear such nasty noises.

Engine Overheats/High Engine Temperatures

As the serpentine belt powers the water pump, one of the chief parts that keeps your engine cool, if the belt isn’t rotating correctly, then the water pump won’t perform properly. This will result in high engine temperatures, and if i goes unnoticed, ultimately, your engine overheats. All drivers know that when your engine overheats some serious damage can be done, so keeping your water pump functioning is essential.

Wear Patterns

You can also assess the health of your serpentine belt by checking it over visually. A lot can be determined by studying your belt, from irregular wear patterns caused by bad belt alignment, fraying that shows your belt needs replacement asap, cracking that can suggest high heat, and oil contamination that can inform you of an internal oil leak you weren’t even aware of! Put simply, if something about your belt doesn’t look right, call in the professionals.

Don’t Ignore the Signs!

When it comes to serpentine belt failure, it is essential that you do not ignore the warning signs. If a failing belt is ignored for too long, it may suddenly snap. A snapping belt can cause lots of damage, and can scatter chunks of the belt throughout the engine, causing even more damage, not to mention a lengthy task in finding them all. Don’t leave yourself at risk of this happening to you — at the first sign of a problem, seek expert servicing and repairs.

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