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Where Should You Take Your Jaguar in Los Angeles For Repairing Coolant Leaks?

Where Should You Take Your Jaguar in Los Angeles For Repairing Coolant Leaks?

Coolant is an essential part of your car’s internal operation. Without it, it’s not a question of whether your car will break down, it’s a question of when. So, if your car begins to leak coolant, this could pose a threat to your car’s wellbeing, becoming more and more serious as more fluid leaks out. This is especially problematic in a car designed to such a high standard, like a Jaguar. This article will cover symptoms of coolant leaks, their common causes, and where to go for trusted repairs. First, let’s discuss the basics.

What is coolant?

Coolant is similar to oil in that it serves to transfer heat and provide protection from freezing. Your car’s cooling system uses coolant to keep the metal parts of your engine from becoming too hot and potentially melting. If the fluids in your vehicle boil or freeze, it can wreak havoc on your engine’s parts, so coolant is used to prevent this from happening.

This important liquid is located in your Jaguar’s cooling system in the coolant reservoir, which is under the hood of your automobile. It is connected by hoses to the radiator. It’s crucial to know which coolant to add to the reservoir, so consult your owner’s manual or speak to a mechanic to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Signs of Coolant Leaks

There are several different ways to notice your engine’s coolant is leaking. We’ve listed the most obvious signs so you can keep an eye out for any of these:

The Engine is Overheating

If the temperature gauge on your Jaguar’s dashboard is displaying a level higher than normal, the engine is overheating, and problems could quickly arise. A lack of coolant caused by a leak can cause the engine to fail to cool effectively.

You See The Leak

An external leak is easy to spot. If you see a puddle of colorful liquid (usually pink, green or orange) on the ground where your car was parked, then your Jaguar is leaking coolant. Action should be taken to repair the issue quickly.

Coolant Light Comes On

Jaguars come equipped with a dashboard light that warns of low coolant levels. If this light is illuminated, the low level of coolant could be caused by a leak.

Poor Gas Mileage

Your car operates most effectively and efficiently within a certain temperature window. If the vehicle is low on coolant due to a leak, it will be operating at a higher-than-optimal temperature, so efficiency will drop. Keep an eye on gas mileage as a warning sign of a coolant leak.

Sweet Smell

Antifreeze, which is another name for coolant, has a sweet smell and bright appearance. If you notice the sweet smell from under your hood, it’s likely that your coolant is leaking.

Causes of Coolant Leaks

Some of the common causes of coolant leaks are listed below.

Leaky Radiator Cap

If your Jaguar’s radiator cap doesn’t seal correctly, coolant will leak from it when it heats up. It will not be sent to the radiator to be cooled. This can happen if the cap is damaged, incorrectly fastened, or is the wrong cap for your vehicle.

Crack in Coolant Reservoir

A crack in the reservoir will cause coolant to drip out and will need to be replaced to prevent further loss. Take a quick look to see if this is the cause.

Leak in Water Pump

A leak in the water pump could lead to losing coolant from your car’s cooling system. This should be easy to identify via visual inspection, either by yourself or a trained mechanic.

How Complete Automotive Systems Can Help

If your Jaguar is leaking coolant, don’t let things Jaguar Radiator Cap Check go from bad to worse. Our trusted staff at Complete Automotive Systems can repair a coolant leak in your vehicle thanks to over 20 years of experience in the automotive repair industry. We specialize in European vehicles, so there isn’t a more qualified mechanic shop in the Los Angeles area to visit.

Located at 9030 National Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, we are a short distance from surrounding locations like Beverly Hills, Culver City, Brentwood, and Santa Monica.

Customers return to Complete Automotive Systems for our expert repairs and quality customer service. Our detailed technicians will reliably find the cause of your car’s leak and skillfully repair it, so that you can get your Jaguar back on the road.

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