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Where To Find An Audi Specialist In Los Angeles To Replace An EGR Valve?

Where To Find An Audi Specialist In Los Angeles To Replace An EGR Valve?

As an Audi owner, you might have chosen your vehicle for its reputation of excellent performance, so it is important for you to understand that your vehicle’s EGR valve plays an important role in maintaining that notable performance.

The exhaust gas recirculation valve, or EGR valve, increases your vehicle’s efficiency and greatly reduces your vehicle’s emissions, minimizing your vehicle’s impact on the environment. The EGR valve does this by redirecting some of the exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold, cycling some of the engine’s exhaust gases back into the engine cylinders. This reduces exhaust emissions and decreases the temperature of your vehicle’s combustion chamber, allowing it to function more effectively.

While it is recommended that you have your EGR valve replaced every 40,000-50,000 miles, EGR valve failures are common in Audis. This means it is important for you to recognize the signs of a malfunctioning EGR valve, so you can have it replaced sooner if needed. If left alone, a malfunctioning EGR valve can cost you greatly in fuel and more expensive repairs, so it is better to have it replaced as soon as it shows signs of going bad.

Signs of a Malfunctioning EGR Valve

If your vehicle is showing signs of needing an EGR valve replacement, then it should be done quickly so as to reduce the negative financial, mechanical, and environmental impact your malfunctioning EGR valve might cause. You should become familiar with the following signs of a malfunctioning EGR valve, so you can recognize when your vehicle’s EGR valve needs to be replaced.

  • high emissions (may not be identified until vehicle does not pass an emissions test)
  • decreased fuel efficiency, or increased fuel consumption
  • vehicle is bouncing or shaking when idling
  • popping and knocking noises from the engine
  • vehicle hesitates when accelerating
  • vehicle has reduced power
  • check engine light illuminates

Causes for a Malfunctioning EGR Valve

There are three main reasons as to why your Audi’s EGR valve might be malfunctioning. The EGR valve might be:

  • stuck fully open and allowing too much exhaust gas into the intake manifold
  • stuck fully closed and allowing too little exhaust gas into the intake manifold
  • clogged with carbon deposits

If the EGR valve is clogged, then it may just need to be cleaned. Whether you choose to clean it yourself, or have it cleaned professionally, it is a good idea to have the EGR valve inspected by an automotive specialist to ensure your EGR valve is kept in working condition.

The Importance of Having the EGR Valve Replaced by Audi Specialists

When you buy a luxury vehicle, such as an Audi, the vehicle has a unique design and advanced technology intended to provide the vehicle with its reputable performance. Due to their specific design, it is critical that you have any maintenance or repairs on your vehicle executed by experienced automotive technicians that specialize in your vehicle’s brand.

If you bring your Audi to an automotive repair center that specializes in Audi maintenance and repairs, then you know the technicians working there have an extensive knowledge and familiarity with your vehicle’s design and needs. They will have all of the specialized tools, parts, and other equipment necessary to service your particular vehicle.

Complete Automotive Systems for your Audi

Our ASE-certified technicians at Complete Automotive Systems specialize in servicing European brand vehicles, Audi included. Audi EGR Valve Replacement Our family-owned and operated shop is located in Los Angeles, California, and has been serving vehicles in Beverly Hills, Culver CIty, Brentwood, and Santa Monica, California for over 20 years.

At Complete Automotive Systems, you can be sure that your Audi will receive the best specialized service possible to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. We offer a variety of services, including EGR valve replacement. In addition, our clients are given the option of free towing and vehicle pick-up/drop-off. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and guarantee all repairs done at our shop under a 12 months/12,000 miles parts and labor warranty.

If your Audi’s EGR valve is showing signs of needing to be replaced, schedule an appointment with our technicians at Complete Automotive Systems today, and we will give you an exceptional automotive service experience.

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